It is an online consumer complain platform offering service to Indian consumers, to help them resolve their day-to-day consumer complaints.

Enquiry Complaint today are easily mislead and it has become difficult for them to keep following the companies / brands regarding their complaint and reach the right person to resolve the issue. After the consumers lodge their complaint on our website, we connect them to the brand or company from where the purchase was made. We also continue to intimate the Enquiry Cmplaint about the status of progress.

We apologize for this, as this request cannot be accommodated. We follow a standard procedure for all our esteemed consumers and do not charge extra money even if consumers get a hefty compensation. The processing fee is standard for all consumers who have lodged their complaint with us.

Yes, the time limit is within 2 years from the days the deficiencies in service/good has arisen.

The minute you file a complaint on our website and pay the required fee a ticket against your complaint is raised and our assigned team will call you and start working on your complaint.

From the 1st day onwards, our representative will provide regular updates via Email, SMS or Call. We try our best to solve the complaint in 14 days but sometimes it takes longer as the company takes more time to respond. At the end of the 14 working days, the Enquiry Cmplaint representative will send you the complaint documents with all details and close the ticket.